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Fox High Impact Consulting is an Aboriginal owned company dedicated to the socio-economic development of Aboriginal communities through the following range of services:


Strategic Advisory Services

Canadian businesses and government agencies recognize that their decisions affect the constitutional rights of Aboriginal communities. Aligning the layered, dynamic complexities of government regulations, corporate policies, and community protocols are much more challenging than ever before. Our strategic advisory services are based on our multilateral insights, deep national networks, direct policy development and current protocol implementation experiences. We help clients identify the underlying challenges, assist in scenario planning & risk management, and formulate strategic plans in a way that leads to productive, working relationships for all parties.

Stakeholder / Community Engagement

Socio-economic and socio-cultural impact assessments require a robust, defensible stakeholder/community engagement practice. Our firm offers engagement programs that are tailored to your specific phase and size of your project. We are able to conduct stakeholder mapping, develop outreach & public education campaigns, and plan & coordinate open houses, community meetings, and strategic communications. We understand the regulatory requirements and Crown’s expectations for accurate documentation of issues and will provide the identification, tracking, and monitoring of concerns for your project.

Facilitation and Negotiations

Multilateral high stake interests requires professional facilitation skills. Facilitation is a process that groups, communities, and leadership use to structure a discussion that produces shared understanding and strategic outcomes. We have experience ranging from small group facilitation to organizational planning to project-based ongoing dialogue. More specifically with resource development projects, our team has extensive experience with interest-based negotiations in the context of Aboriginal and Treaty rights of Aboriginal communities. We offer both negotiation services or strategic support during your negotiation process.

Business & Economic Development

Your business interest and economic development priorities requires the professional attention and relevant experience for the context you are operating in. Our team will provide economic planning, enterprise development, and startup support for your on-reserve business, partnership development, and economic opportunities flowing from project benefits agreements. We are very good at securing funding and financing for your community-based projects.

Project Management

We provide project management support services for Aboriginal communities and organizations. Our firm understands that Aboriginal communities and organizations only have so much time and capacity to spend on multiple files. So we offer proposal drafting, contract management, report writing, and other support services to start and complete your project.

Community Planning and Development

Through our community planning and development services, we offer a personalized touch to building stronger communities. Our strength lies in our extensive background in community involvement in the visioning and integration of administration staff and community members’ aspirations. From pre-planning (assessing community readiness, developing a budget, identifying funding, building a team) to Planning (conducting document reviews & analysis, identifying visions and values, developing a framework, setting goals/objectives, and identifying activities/projects, and creating an implementation strategy) to execution of the community development strategy (initiating of actions items and projects, establish communication strategy & reporting, securing funding, obtaining approvals) to monitoring and evaluation.